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                              1. Home > Solutions > Other Material

                                Other Material

                                SANME Other materials processing solutions include: raw materials of gypsum board, chemical fertilizer crushing, glass crushing. We can provide customized services according to the different needs of customers.

                                Raw materials of gypsum board

                                Raw materials of gypsum board

                                Gypsum powder is one of five major cementing materials, and plays an important role in national economy, gypsum powder production line is to heat and grind the natural dihydrate gypsum ore or industrial byproduct gypsum .

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                                SANME Services

                                3d杀号定胆彩宝贝We pride ourselves in our commitment and the level of service offered and aim to work closely with customers, to ensure we meet your expectations. Our objective is to keep your business operations running as smoothly as possible on a day-to-day basis.

                                Parts Services|After-sale Service|

                                Parts Services After-sale Service


                                Using our contact forms you can also send inquiries, give feedback, request information and ask questions.

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