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                          1. Home > SANME Sand Washer

                            SANME Sand Washer

                            3d杀号定胆彩宝贝 SANME Sand Washer can wash and sever the powder and dirt. Its novel seal structure and reliable driving system make an effective result of washing. It has two types that are XS Series Bucket Sand Washers and XL Series Spiral Sand Washers.

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                            XS Series Bucket Sand Washers

                            3d杀号定胆彩宝贝 XS Series Bucket Sand Washers are mainly used for washing and dehydrating sand stones for constructions. they are the highly effective equipment that is matched with sand maker.

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                            Reasonable structure. The impeller drive bearing is isolated from water and materials buries in washer, which greatly avoid the bearing damaged because of soaking in water, sand and other pollutants.
                            Extremely rare lost of medium and fine sand, the grading and fineness module of washed building sand...
                            XL Series Spiral Sand Washers

                            XL Series Spiral Sand Washers can wash and sever the powder and dirt. Its novel seal structure and adjustable overflow barrier plus reliable driving system make an effective result of washing. It is widely used for washing and sifting, severing and dirt remove in the fields of roads, hydropower and building industries.

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                            The Spiral Sand Washer is characteristic of reasonable structure, easy maintenance, great capacity, low consumption and high purity. The machine is equipped with creative sealing structure, oil-bathed airproof driving system, which is of high efficiency, reliable, effectiveness of washing and dehydration.
                            SS Series Fine Sand Collecting System

                            3d杀号定胆彩宝贝 SS Series Fine Sand Collecting System is based on the absorption of abroad advanced technology, together with our practical situation and comes up to the advanced world level. It is widely utilized in quarry and aggregate handling, glass raw materials processing, man-made sand making complete lines, coarse mines recycling for coal preparation plant and so on...

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                            Working procedure:

                            The compound of sand and water is transported to the cyclone by pump, and the fine sand after centrifugal classification concentration is provided to the vibrating screen by the grit setting mouth, after vibrating screen dewater, the fine sand and water are effectively separated. Through the recycling box, little fine sand and mud return...

                            SANME Services

                            We pride ourselves in our commitment and the level of service offered and aim to work closely with customers, to ensure we meet your expectations. Our objective is to keep your business operations running as smoothly as possible on a day-to-day basis.

                            Parts Services|After-sale Service|

                            Parts Services After-sale Service


                            3d杀号定胆彩宝贝Using our contact forms you can also send inquiries, give feedback, request information and ask questions.

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