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                            MP-VSI Series Mobile VSI Crushing Plants

                            MP-VSI Series Mobile VSI Crushing Plants
                            MP-VSI Series Mobile VSI Crushing Plants
                            • Raw materials:
                            • River pebbles, rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.)
                            • Capacity:
                            • 80-350t/h
                            • Max feeding size:
                            • 65-80mm
                            • Application:
                            • Stone mining, metallurgy industry, building material, highway, railway, and chemical,etc.


                            Designed and manufactured with German technology, the plant adopts first level mobile crushing technique, which fully meets the customers' requirement of high mobility, high crushing efficiency and optimizes your business mode.

                            Product Data

                            Technical Data of MP-VSI Series Mobile VSI Crushing Plants:

                            MP-VSI Series Mobile VSI Crushing Plants MP-VSI 5000 MP-VSI 6000 MP-VSI 7000
                            VSI Crusher VSI 5000 VSI 6000 VSI 7000
                            Max Feed Size(mm) 65 70 70
                            Crushing Capacity(t/h) 80-150 120-250 180-350
                            Driving Unit
                            Engine Cummins or CAT Cummins or CAT Cummins or CAT
                            Performance(kw) 400 480 550
                            Feed Hopper
                            Hopper Volume(m3) 4 6 6
                            Belt Feeder
                            Drive hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic
                            Main Conveyor belt
                            Discharge Height(mm) 2900 3300 3300
                            Drive  hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic
                            Crawler Unit
                            Drive  hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic
                            Dimensions and Weight
                            Working Dimensions
                            -Length (mm) 13767 13940 13940
                            -Width (mm) 3621 3820 3920
                            -Height (mm) 4425 4980 4980
                            Transport Dimensions
                            - Length (mm) 14273 14320 14320
                            - Width (mm) 3543 3751 3851
                            - Height (mm) 4024 4130 4330
                            Weight (t) 38 43 47

                            Note: Capacity is total tons per hour passing through crusher at open circuit when bulk density of feeding is 1.6t/m³. Capacities are relative to physics character and type of feeding, feeding size and composition.

                            Details Introduction

                            Features of MP-VSI Series Mobile VSI Crushing Plants:

                            1. Fuel oil saving rate can reach 25%, and the sieving mode is not only in line with environmental protection but low cost.

                            2. Convenient transport, no harm to road, multifunctional equipments and wide application scope.

                            3. Turning in place with the capability of all-wheel drive, standard configuration, fast equipment changing, perfect protection system, best fit in narrow and complicated terrains.

                            4. Light weight, small size and best fit in narrow place.

                            5. The moving screen equipment uses double-deck sieving machinery, which main frame equipped with excellent grid screening gallery, can stand freely without support.

                            3d杀号定胆彩宝贝6. The attaching power package is the most optimized design.

                            3d杀号定胆彩宝贝7. Mechatronic-hydraulical integrated multifunctional construction machinery and highly constructed with the small, medium and large size.

                            Eco-friendly concept of MP-VSI Series Mobile VSI Crushing Plants:

                            3d杀号定胆彩宝贝Noise collecting system, sound-proof system, compact and flexible equipment can further meet construction waste crushing work between cities. Suitable diesel noise pollution discharge system, effective dedusting system and release system can remote control the barriers in the portable crushing and screening plant while the pre-screening system can greatly increase crushing efficiency.

                            Application of MP-VSI Series Mobile VSI Crushing Plants:

                            1.It is widely used in the field of mining, coal mine and construction waste recycling, and performs well on the site of earthwork, urban infrastructure construction, road construction and construction field.

                            2.Portable crawler crushing and screening plant has the feature of multifunction operation.

                            3d杀号定胆彩宝贝3.Processing topsoil and other materials, separating viscous concrete aggregate, applicable for construction and demolition industry, quarrying industry and screening after crushing.

                            Project Case

                            Products Knowledges

                            SANME Services

                            3d杀号定胆彩宝贝We pride ourselves in our commitment and the level of service offered and aim to work closely with customers, to ensure we meet your expectations. Our objective is to keep your business operations running as smoothly as possible on a day-to-day basis.

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                            Using our contact forms you can also send inquiries, give feedback, request information and ask questions.

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